Any business needs accurate financial records to be able to make sensible business decisions, expand the business operations and keep a watchful eye on cashflow.

At Steyl & Cloete Accountants we have qualified staff to assist clients in managing their monthly and annual bookkeeping.

Our accounting services include:

  • Monthly bookkeeping on desktop and/or cloud services
  • Calculation of VAT returns and submissions to SARS
  • Monthly payroll administration (submissions of PAYE returns and generating payslips)
  • Bi-annual submissions of IRP5 reconciliations and generating IRP5’s for staff
  • Compilation of financial statements for sole proprietors, partnerships, close corporations, companies and certain non-profit organisations
  • Preparation of cashflow projections
  • Declaration of dividends and submission of dividends tax returns to SARS
  • Calculation and submission of annual Compensation Commissioner returns

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